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女性新移民 | 免费职业培训项目 (free employment training programs for newcomer women)

  1. 零售和客户服务技能 (Retail Business Skills):

  • 学习操作收银机,提高沟通和解决问题之能力,增强信心和时间管理。

  • 获得销售、互动客户服务、库存管理、销售、防损、工作场所安全等方面相关经验,

  • 获得加拿大零售委员会颁发的零售销售助理证书,提升简历以及推荐信。

  • 12 周全日制学习

  • Learn how to operate a cash register, improve your communication and problem-solving skills, and enhance your confidence and time management

  • Get relevant experience in sales, interactive customer service, inventory management, merchandising, loss prevention, workplace safety and more

  • Earn a Retail Sales Associate certificate from the Retail Council of Canada a major boost to your resume along with a recent reference

  • 12 week Full-time study

  • 报名方式: 在 上下载报名表填写,将报名表和简历发给 等待通知完成入学测试。

  • For any questions, contact

2. 商务办公技能 (Business Office Skills):

  • 学习微软办公软件: Word, Execel, PowerPoint, Outlook, 以及商务交流,客户服务技能

  • 提升对键盘、演讲和解决问题的技能,增强信心和时间管理,获得工作经验和参考

  • 完成课程,可获得大学学分和百年理工学院证书

  • 12 周全日制学习

  • Learn current Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as business communication and customer service skills

  • Improve your keyboarding, presentation and problem-solving skills; enhance your confidence and time management, and gain workplace experience and a recent reference

  • Earn transferable college credits and a certificate from Centennial College upon successful completion of the program

  • 12 week Full-time study

  • 报名方式: 在 上下载报名表填写,将报名表和简历发给 等待通知完成入学测试。

3. 家庭儿童护理员 (Family and Child Support Worker):

  • 爱心家园就业准备计划面向希望进过加拿大社区/家庭护理行业劳动力市场的新移民。旨在为参与者提供工作所需的基本培训和技能,如儿童和家庭支持/儿童看护、家庭清洁、家庭支持/家政和整理员教练

  • 培养基础家庭管理技能(家庭支持/家政),杂物管理和清洁技能,儿童和家庭支持,以及创业技能

  • 在合作的社区机构累积志愿服务/核心工作实习的实践经验

  • 提供就业指导

  • 需要Level 5 + 英语能力

  • 一年开放两个学期,春季(4月-7月), 秋季(9月-12月)

  • 12周全日制学习

  • Loving Homes is an employment readiness program for newcomers looking to step into the Canadian workforce through the community/home support sector. Designed to provide participants with the required basic training and skills for jobs such as Child & Family Support/Child Minders, Extreme Cleaners, Home Support/Homemaking and Declutter Coaches.

  • Build new skills: Basic Home Management Skills (Home Support/Homemaking), Clutter Management & Janitorial Skills, Child & Family Support, Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Get hands-on experience in the sector volunteering/core work placement with our community partners

  • Build up Job Search Skills

  • Require Level 5 + language skills

  • Offered twice a year: Spring (April-July) and Fall (September -December)

  • 12 Full-time Study

  • 报名方式: 在 上填写报名表,将报名表和简历发给


New Circle是一个创新的非营利组织,为新移民和其他低收入人群提供免费的二手服装、职业培训和社交平台。New Circle经营着多伦多最大的免费衣物置换项目GLOW,每年为10,000多人服务。

New Circles is an innovative non-profit organization that offers free gently-used clothing, training, and social connections to newcomers and others living on a low income. New Circles operates Toronto’s largest free clothing program, GLOW (Gently Loved Outfits to Wear), which serves over 10,000 people annually.


161 Bartley Drive Toronto, ON M4A 1E6





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