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实验室志愿者 | 线上加拿大医疗服务介绍课程

皇后大学副教授Setareh Ghahari 博士推出一项在线项目, 旨在测试在线教育项目的有效性。 帮助移民了解加拿大的医疗服务,清楚安大略省提供哪些医疗服务以及如何获得这些服务。

该项目专为安大略省居民量身定制。 旨在以该项目中获得的知识帮助移民及时获得他们所需之医疗服务。






Are you an immigrant to Canada? Do you currently live in Ontario? Do you want to learn about Canadian health services? If you do, we have great news for you!! At Queen's University, we have an online program to help you learn about what health services are available in Ontario and how to access them.

I am Dr. Setareh Ghahari, Associate Professor at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. We aim to test the effectiveness of an online education program for immigrants to learn how to access health services. The program is tailored for those who live in Ontario. We hope that the knowledge gained during this program will help immigrants get timely access to the health services they need. We are also hoping that referring your clients to this program will free up a lot of time for the settlement officers to use their valuable time for other stringent matters in the lives of immigrants.

The study has Ethics Approval from Queen's University Ethics Board. If there is a process for Ethics Approval in your organization, please let us know. We will be happy to meet the requirements. If you have any questions about the study, please contact me by email:

We are testing this program in a research study. If you are interested in the program and helping us with the research, sign up now:

Learn more about our program by watching a brief video (hyperlink:

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