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Anti-Racism Program Art Workshop"Why Am I Special" 艺术工坊: “为什么我是特别的”

On March 15th, 2024, the Toronto Community & Cultural Centre held a series of "Why am I Special" events, focusing on educating young people about how to start fighting against racial discrimination. This project is funded by the Canadian federal government. These activities are unique and combine creative artwork with anti-discrimination. Aspects of art therapy were used in the design of the activities.

近日, 多伦多社区与文化中心举办了反对种族歧视从青少年做起系列活动之“Why Am I Special”,该项目由加拿大联邦政府资助。这些活动独具特色,将创意艺术作品与反歧视相结合。

Fight against racial discrimination, starting from the youth. The Toronto Community & Culture Centre encourages young people to understand the importance of anti-discrimination through art creation so that young people can understand Canada's human rights law and the Charter of Equality for all in art creation and cultivate the Canadian values of respect and tolerance from their youth in order to build a truly just and equal society.




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