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About TCCC Staff & Volunteers

About Us

Toronto Community & Culture Centre (TCCC) was established in 1995 and registered as a charitable organization in 1998.

Since 1995, TCCC has delivered settlement services, social programs, and youth internship programs with funding supported by all three levels of government. TCCC organizes many outreach activities within the mainland Chinese community and Canadian society in the GTA.

TCCC plans and hosts yearly Canada Day celebrations, Family Day events, cultural exhibitions, international job fairs, Chinese New Year performances, and many outdoor activities.

Over the years, many mainland Chinese volunteers have participated in and helped with our services and events. TCCC helps these newcomers gain valuable volunteer and work experience that assists them in finding jobs in Canada.


Toronto Community & Culture Centre (TCCC) is a leading charitable organization serving the mainland Chinese community in Toronto and the GTA for the past 29 years. TCCC focuses on providing services to the immigrant Mandarin-speaking population that is underserved. The needs of the Chinese community have greatly expanded with increasing numbers of newcomers from mainland China.

The TCCC provides valuable employment services/training, youth volunteer opportunities, adult workshops, seniors' support, and settlement services to new or existing immigrants. TCCC does this for newcomer adaption and integration into Canadian society. The TCCC also promotes Chinese culture in Canada through many initiatives. Initiatives include hosting arts and cultural events which are historically significant to the Chinese community culture. With recent changes due to the pandemic, TCCC has added new focuses on personal safety, fraud prevention, and personal well-being.

TCCC Mission

Offer community programs & newcomer settlement services for the social benefit and well-being of the Chinese Canadian community and immigrants in general. Help the immigrant community find opportunities, put down roots and establish beneficial networks for their successful integration into Canadian society.

Continue supporting Chinese immigrant newcomers and existing Chinese Canadians, seniors, and youth to better adapt through offering programs, workshops, and community services.

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