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Toronto Community & Culture Centre


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Divesity Hands Image Toronto Commuity & Culture Centre

Diversity is Toronto's Strength


活动对所有人开放,尽管 TCCC 专注于中国大陆移民社区,但任何人都可以参加我们的研讨会、提出问题并获得帮助。


TCCC 支持社区的所有成员。 所有个人,包括所有不同的背景、年龄、风格、身份和能力。 我们的志愿者、会员和工作人员一起微笑。

欢迎所有人。 的

包容是 TCCC 的核心价值观,当每个人都被包括在内时,社区会更加强大。

Toronto Community & Culture Centre helps to increase diversity by including all people.

Events are open to all, and although TCCC focuses on the Mainland Chinese immigrant community anyone can attend our workshops, ask questions, and get help.


Many of our events focus on and are in Mandarin with English assistance.

TCCC supports all members of the community. All individuals including all diverse backgrounds, ages, styles, identities, and abilities. Our volunteers, members, and staff all smile together.

Everyone is welcome. 

Inclusion is a core TCCC value and the community is stronger when everyone is included.

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