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Organized by TCCC -  Fighting Racial Discrimination Starts with Youth 反对种族歧视从青少年做起2024
Organized by TCCC - Fighting Racial Discrimination Starts with Youth 反对种族歧视从青少年做起2024
我爱加拿大 加拿大是我家 全加华人联会(安大略区)庆祝加拿大建国156周年活动  紅楓影視
红枫影视 Red Maple Movies HONG FENG
我爱加拿大 加拿大是我家 全加华人联会(安大略区)庆祝加拿大建国156周年活动 紅楓影視
全加华人联会(安大略区)庆祝加拿大建国156周年活动 我爱加拿大 加拿大是我家 紅楓影視 歡迎關注 訂閱:紅楓影視 Welcome to subscribe: Hongfeng Film and Television 紅楓影視网址
多伦多社区与文化中心主办亚裔传统文化节 红枫視頻
红枫影视 Red Maple Movies HONG FENG
多伦多社区与文化中心主办亚裔传统文化节 红枫視頻
多伦多社区与文化中心主办亚裔传统文化节 红枫視頻 歡迎關注 訂閱:紅楓影視 Welcome to subscribe: Hongfeng Film and Television 紅楓影視网址
多伦多社区与文化中心|金虎新春联欢晚会 TCCC 2022 Chine New Year GALA
Toronto Community & Culture Centre
多伦多社区与文化中心|金虎新春联欢晚会 TCCC 2022 Chine New Year GALA
从2020至2021,疫情的反复不定已经让线上服务和活动成为常态; 2022年1月28日,中心将举办线上直播第28届春节联欢晚会为新一年社区服务,防疫抗疫筹集善款!相信2022年,一切都会变得更好。 春晚,是一道独特的年夜饭。网络春晚,是我们在防疫时刻,为宅家的你,献上的别样的文化大餐。本届网络春晚演职人员是来自多伦多各行各业的专业演艺和文艺爱好者。节目形式涵盖歌曲、乐器、戏曲、舞蹈、朗诵等等。 TCCC 特别感谢TD 皇家银行、瑞邦集团多年来给社区文化中心财政的支持,使社区服务和文化活动得以不断发展。 From 2020 to 2021, the uncertainty of the epidemic has made online services and activities normal; On January 28th, 2022, Toronto Community & Culture Center will hold the 28th Spring Festival Gala, which will be broadcast live online, to serve the community in the new year and fundraising for epidemic prevention and control! We believe that in 2022, everything will be better. Spring Festival Evening is a unique New Year's Eve dinner. Network Spring Festival Evening is a special cultural feast for you at home during the epidemic prevention time. The cast members of this year's online Spring Festival Gala are professional performers from all walks of life in Toronto. The program covers songs, musical instruments, operas, dances, recitations and so on. TCCC is especially grateful to the Bank of TD and Respon for their financial support to the center over the years, which has enabled the continuous development of community services and cultural activities.
2021 TCCC Celebration Canada Day | 2021 多伦多社区与文化中心庆祝加拿大国庆
Toronto Community & Culture Centre
2021 TCCC Celebration Canada Day | 2021 多伦多社区与文化中心庆祝加拿大国庆
Toronto Community & Culture Centre (TCCC) is formally known as Toronto Mainland Chinese Community Centre. It was established in 1995, from year 1996, TCCC has delivered social, settlement service, and youth internship programs which are invariably supported by all three levels of government. As a leading agency in the Mandarin community, TCCC has offered and provided a great number of services targeting the Mandarin community members but at the same time open to everyone. o TCCC provides the following services:  Employment Counseling  Educational Workshops  Social Services  Outreach/Recreation/Outdoor Activities  Preventing pandemic support In the past year, people worldwide have experienced a hard time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. By celebrating Canada Day online, we wish to bring hope and joy to everyone. Meanwhile, the celebration presents the love of newcomers to this country. Enjoy the show.
2021 亚洲文化遗产庆典 Asian Heritage Celebration 2021
Toronto Community & Culture Centre
2021 亚洲文化遗产庆典 Asian Heritage Celebration 2021
多伦多社区与文化中心|金牛新春联欢晚会  TCCC 2021 Chine New Year GALA
Toronto Community & Culture Centre
多伦多社区与文化中心|金牛新春联欢晚会 TCCC 2021 Chine New Year GALA
在刚刚过去的2020年,疫情让远程直播成为了文化传播的重要方式,多伦多社区与文化中心不断努力,不断创新; 2021年2月10日,中心将举办线上直播第27届春节联欢晚会为新一年社区服务,防疫抗疫筹集善款! 春晚,是一道独特的年夜饭。网络春晚,是我们在防疫时刻,为宅家的你,献上的别样的文化大餐。本届网络春晚演职人员是来自多伦多各行各业的专业演艺和文艺爱好者。节目形式涵盖歌曲、乐器、戏曲、舞蹈、朗诵等等。 TCCC 特别感谢TD 皇家银行、瑞邦集团、红海娱乐多年来给社区文化中心财政的支持,使社区服务和文化活动得以不断发展。


Meaningful Work



How to Prevent Financial Fraud & Social Media Fraud

The workshop about fraud prevention, how to protect yourself from fraud, the use of mobile phones, WeChat and the use of mobile phone cameras. The workshop was co-organized by Toronto Community and Cultural Centre, Canadian Multicultural Art Exchange Association and North American Microtoutiao at 1650 Finch Ave on September 9.


120 elderly who participated in the two lectures came from different communities. Toronto City Councillor Shelley Carroll also came to visit the elderly.


9月9日由多伦多社区与文化中心、加拿大多元文化艺术交流协会和北美微头条在1650 Finch Ave共同举办的预防诈骗、如何保护自己不被欺诈及手机微信的使用和手机相机的修图使用等。



Supporting Community

Building Community

Feeling like there are countless pressing issues that no single program could make a marked difference? Our Local Community Workshops take the initiative and have proven to be a powerful tool for Toronto Community & Culture Centre

多倫多社區與文化中心 We successfully serve our community and improve countless lives.

感觉有无数紧迫的问题,没有一个程序可以产生显着的差异? 我们的当地社区研讨会采取主动,并已被证明是多伦多社区和文化中心的强大工具

多伦多社区与文化中心 我们成功地服务于我们的社区,改善了无数人的生活。

Psychological Wellbeing -NewImmigrants-Joanna-Improved-Delivery-Zoom.png


Change for the Better

Through continually improving our Workshop Programs, we have the potential to make substantial real and positive changes in the lives of the Toronto Mandarin Community throughout the GTA. This is one of our key areas of focus here at TCCC

多倫多社區與文化中心, and a source of much success for our Charitable  Organization.

通过不断改进我们的工作坊计划,我们有可能在整个 GTA 中对多伦多华语社区的生活做出重大而积极的改变。 这是我们在 TCCC 的重点关注领域之一




Transforming Lives

Every challenge is an opportunity. Our Wellbeing Development initiatives help the Mandarin community and the community at large. TCCC

多倫多社區與文化中心 supports those we serve in many ways. Outdoor events, music, dance, speakers, support workshops, settlement guidance, youth employment, food, and socializing.

We have a focus on the Asian Communities in Toronto to ensure better financial concerns, service direction, mental health & well-being, and social engagement. 

每一个挑战都是一个机会。 我们的福利发展计划帮助普通话社区和整个社区。 台积电

多伦多社区与文化中心以多种方式支持我们所服务的人。 户外活动、音乐、舞蹈、演讲者、支持研讨会、安置指导、青年就业、食物和社交。


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