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Research Volunteer Opportunities/有偿实验室志愿者项目

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Asian Cohort for Alzhemimer's Disease(ACAD) is looking for Chinese or Chinese Canadian research volunteers to help find a way to prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease for future generations.

ACAD研究中心正在招募华裔或华裔加拿大的志愿者, 希望帮助下一代寻找预防或延缓阿兹海默症的方针

  1. Eligibility

  • Healthy/Diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease

  • 60 years old or older

  • Identify as Chinese or Chinese Canadian

  • Lives in Canada

  • Can speak English, Mandarin and/or Cantonese

1. 参加条件

  • 健康或者被诊断为阿兹海默症

  • 年龄大于或等于60岁

  • 认为自己是华裔或者华裔加拿大人

  • 居住于加拿大

  • 可以用英文、普通话或者粤语沟通

2. Participation involves

  • Interviews and assessments about your health, memory and thinking abilities (2-3 hours)

  • Provide a sliva or blood sample

  • Compensation is provided for your time and effort

2. 参与者被邀请参与:

  • 与健康、记忆力和认知功能相关的访谈和评估 (2—3 小时)

  • 提供唾液或血液样本

  • 为了感谢您的付出,本研究提供有偿补助


For more information, please visit the ACAD website at 请浏览此网站获得更多资讯

If you are interested in participating, please email our study at or call us at 416-535-8501 ext. 31516, or scan the QR code on the picture

有兴趣参与者,欢迎发送电邮到 致电 416-535-8501 内线31516, 或扫描图片上的QR码



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