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2023 Asian Heritage Celebration, the 5th Annual Heritage Event by Toronto Community & Culture Centre

To celebrate Canadian Asian Heritage Month, promote multiculturalism in Canada and recognize the contributions of Asian immigrants to Canada, on May 25, 2023, from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, the Toronto Community and Cultural Centre held a successful "Asian Heritage The event held at 1650 Finch Ave E, North York, ON M2J 4T6.

Member of Parliament Jean Yip, Provincial Member of Parliament Chris Glover, Assistant Provincial Member of Parliament Daisy Wai, and Assistant Kevin Ko attended the event and in their speeches praised the outstanding contributions the community has made to Canada.

The event brought together artists from several art groups to present exciting folk songs and dances, theatrical performances and instrumental performances. The audience was immersed in a colourful cultural experience with laughter and applause and felt the unique charm of Asian traditional culture.

The event featured a wide variety of mouth-watering food, including hot dogs, boiled corn and refreshing watermelon. The staff used the grill to bake the aromatic hot dogs on this beautiful day. Participants waited in line, eager to taste the tantalizing flavours of these delicacies and gave them great praise.

The Toronto Community and Cultural Centre would like to thank TD Bank for sponsoring the event, as well as the Toronto arts groups Maple Leaf Club, Ruby Arts, East Maple Multicultural Arts, New Aurora Arts, Canadian Voyage Arts, Evening Sun Association, and Blue Feather Group for their performances at the Asian Heritage Festival. The event was hosted by Yingyi Zhang, who added to the energy and charm of the event. Thank you to all the sponsors, arts groups and presenters for their support!



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