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Career Fair Networking Event with Language Capability (English/Mandarin/Cantonese)

Community Event - August 18th - RBC Recruitment Speed Networking
Download PDF • 1.44MB

We are pleased to invite you to an exciting RBC® Skill-Building Workshop:

Speed Networking

Networking is a vital skill you’ll need to build a career. Practice these skills in a

friendly environment and learn more about the world of work to inform your

career choices.

When: Thursday, August 18, 2022, 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Where: University of Toronto Student Commons - 230 College Street Toronto, ON M5T 1R2
RSVP: RSVP Email/Telephone Below

RBC has collaborated with the University of Toronto to host a speed networking event on August 18, 2022, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the University of Toronto Student Commons.

The event will launch with a quick introduction of RBC Panelists sharing their experiences with RBC, including but not limited to Financial Manager, Senior Manager, and HR officer. The attendees will then have a chance to speak with each panelist. This is a unique event designated for a language capable (Mandarin/Cantonese) to join RBC. If you are looking to apply for positions with RBC, this is a great opportunity to submit your resume by August 15th for

RBC is now looking for candidates who have the following skills and attributes:

• Customer Service oriented individuals (CA/BA/FA)

• Educational Background – High School Diploma and Up

• Professional and eager to learn and grow with RBC


Please contact me if you have any questions:

Marcus Wang

Branch Manager - RBC Dundas & Bay Branch

(416) 581 8301



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