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Celebrating the 156th Canada Day organized by the TCCC and the NCCC (Ontario)

In order to celebrate the 156th Canada Day, respect Canadian values, and help Chinese immigrants integrate into Canadian society, the National Congress of Chinese Canadians (NCCC) has held a series of "I love Canada, Canada is my home" celebration events, including the celebration of Canada day this time. These events help enrich Canada's multiculturalism and its pride in being a Canadian.

Member of Parliament Shaun Chen, assistance of the Member of Parliament Majid Jowhari, City Councillor Shelley Carroll, the executive chairman of the National Congress of Chinese Canadians Philip Li and co-chairs of Simon Zhong and Jinghui Li all gave speeches during Canada Day celebrations. They expressed gratitude for the contributions made by the Chinese community to Canada, and re-emphasized the importance of the Chinese community within the multicultural Canadian society.

This Canada Day, some number of groups and nearly 300 people participated in the celebration event. They prepared wonderful cultural performances, including chorus, folk dance, musical instruments, etc. Chinese people of different age groups and cultural backgrounds celebrated this Canadian National Day together in their own unique way.

The smooth and successful conduct of this event is due to the help of our beloved volunteers. They prepared many food for the participants, including barbecue, hot dogs, corn, watermelon and cakes for this special National Day. The participants waited in line one after another. The taste and the variety of the food were highly praised!

Time flies by, and soon it had reached night time. Friends and families from all walks of life gathered together again to watch wonderful performances and enjoy fabulous food at the same time. This dinner was indeed the highlight of the whole day's activities. All kinds of people gathered together to celebrate Canada's 156th National Day.

During the dinner, Spadina-Fort York District Member of the Provincial Parliament Chris Glover was also invited to the scene and took photos with the MPs and other chairmen at the event, as the night settles in, the whole day's event ended successfully. We are grateful to dozens of people for their hard work during the event, and also to all groups: Ruby Art Troupe, Canadian Tianfei Multicultural Art Troupe, Canadian Voyage Art Troupe, Maple Leaf Club, Canadian Chinese Professional Women's Association, Love is a Bridge International Summer Camp, Canadian Children's Broadcasting Art Group, etc.



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