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TCCC Survey Newcomers

Toronto Community & Culture Centre| Demographic Survey 多伦多社区和文化中心| 人口调查 For TCCC to apply for funding for the upcoming year, we need to understand our community needs, the demographics of our community members, and the services they hope to receive. 为了申请来年的资金,我们需要了解我们的社区需求、社区成员的人口统计数据以及他们希望获得的服务。

It would be great to get this funding so we can start developing programs to help our community members. Will you help us by filling in a few (totally anonymous) questions? 如果能获得这笔资金,我们就可以开始制定计划来帮助我们的社区成员,那就太好了。 你会通过填写一些(完全匿名的)问题来帮助我们吗?



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