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TCCC Community Support, Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Initiative: Action Now, WE CAN FIGHT

Through gracious support from the Government of Canada's Department of Canadian Heritage, TCCCPresented a powerful workshop.

TCCC launched a two-day forum to combat the surge anti-Asian racism

Community Leaders appeal the society to unite together against discrimination

On June 10 and 11, TCCC launched the two-day anti-Asian discrimination forum – "Action Now,

We Can Fight" to fight the growing racism and hate crimes against Asians, in partnership with more than a dozen other Asian community organizations.

The forum also received support from various organizations in Vancouver, Toronto, and other

Canadian cities. The leaders of more than a dozen organizations, including the Canadian North Korea organization, Canadian Vietnam organization, and representatives from all walks of life, spoke enthusiastically and expressed their opinions.

Also participating in the forum were representatives from well-known societies from various community sessions. They are:

  • Confederation of Chinese Alumni Associations

  • Beaver With U

  • Ontario Family Life Services Center(OFLSC)

  • Chinese Senior Association of Canada(CSAC)

  • Toronto Chinese Folk Art Centre (TCFC)

  • The Orient Dance Company (Toronto)

  • Federation of Mainland Chinese Organization

  • National Congress of Chinese Canadian (Ontario)

  • Chinese Freemasons Society of Toronto

  • Lem Si Ho Tong Society

"Anti-racial discrimination not just requires the full participation from the government, but also from the community," said Zhong,

"It is the responsibility and obligation of the entire Asian Canadian community to oppose anti-Asian racism, and we will continue to do so."

The co-organizers and supporters of this event are:

National Congress of Chinese Canadians (Ontario)

Canada Council of Newcomer Organizations

Confederation of Chinese Alumni Associations

Association of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Canada

Canada-china Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange Association

Canada Confederation of Shenzhen Associations

Hong Kong Federation of Associations

Canada-China Overseas Exchange Association

Canada-China Cultural Communication Association

Tianjin Federation of Associations

Canadian Multicultural Folk Art Association

Canadian Atlantic Cultural Exchange Association

Toronto Hongmen Democratic Party

Lem Si Ho Tong Society

Canada-China Seniors Association

Toronto Chinese Folk Art Center

Canadian Centre for Multicultural and Folk Art

Canada Happy Life Society

Canadian European and American Students Association

Canadian Cultural Industry Promotion Association

Beaver With U

The Orient Dance Company

Vietnamese Cambodian Laotian Community Services Association

Korean Community Federation of Canada



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